NBN news 04/09/2020

The NBN Co will continue to waive wholesale internet fees for qualifying low-income families with school-aged children until January next year, at which point it wants to move them onto discounted plans.

This will mean that Low-income households received effectively free internet for educational purposes back in April, coinciding with many classes moving online as schools went into COVID lockdown.

Qualifying households – determined mostly by state education departments – received free 25/5Mbps NBN services, with NBN Co waiving wholesale fees and retail service providers (RSPs) absorbing extra costs at their end.

The offer was due to expire on August 30, however NBN Co has decided to extend it until January 15 next year.

From that point, NBN Co wants low-income customers to move to paid plans, albeit with wholesale fees discounted by 50 percent for 12 months.

“The offer will also allow internet providers to migrate existing ‘education assistance’ customers onto the illuminate offer for a period of 12 months at the expiry of the COVID education assistance package, 15 January 2021.

So contact your NBN service provider and see if you qualify.

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