Telstra, Optus, TPG and Dodo leave customers without internet while migrating to the NBN

Well nothing alarming here. If you have ever been a Telstra, Optus, TPG and or Dodo customer, you may have had this experience.

I am continually amazed that people still continue to use these companies for internet. They must love the pain and frustration of trying to deal with people in these companies who do not understand the technology or are able to provide any real support.

With all of the advertising and news about what the NBN is, people still think Telstra owns the network. This is not true.

Telstra signed a deal with NBN to sell off it’s copper network for 11 billion dollars.

This is how is happened.

When the nbn completed it’s roll out in an area, the copper network was handed over to nbn.

Customer that had ADSL and telephone lines connected had about 18 months to organise an NBN service provider for Internet and Voice.

So where you had on e technician visit for a fault on a service, you would now probably deal with 2 technicians, 1 from nbn (normally a contractor wearing a Telstra uniform) and if you were with Telstra, a Telstra technician. There was never a chance that the 1 Telstra technician would have both jobs, so it took 2 techs and 2 visits.

Confused? Well most customers were, so you are not alone.

Here is a link t the ACMA ruling 

The good news for customers is that you have choice of NBN service provider. So shop around. Remember if they are hard to deal with when trying to buy a service, how will they be when you need support? Think about it.

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